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FOR SENIOR PARENTS: Your teenager has worked four long years to graduate, and the Tompkins yearbook has a great way to recognize your senior's accomplishments. Now you have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to permanently share your pride. If you are interested in placing/purchasing an ad for your graduating senior in the yearbook, please email Ms. Cypher. The prices and sizes are below. The deadline is NOVEMBER 30. 

The Tompkins yearbook staff is dedicated to producing a fabulous yearbook that preserves the memories of the upcoming school year. We thank you for your support!

A $45 Color- 1 photo (4.155" W x 2.75"H)
B $90 Color- 2 photos (4.155" W x 5.5" H)
C $165 Color- 4 photos (8.33" W x 5.5" H)
D 300 Color- 8 photos (8.33' W x 11" H)

$10 extra per additional photo


IMAGE SHARE: The Yearbook and Magazine needs your pictures. Please upload unposed pictures only. To upload your photos:

  1. Point your web browser to: www.images.balfour.com
  2. Enter our project number 828105 and leave the password blank
  3. Enter your contact information (if we need to contact you about your photos)
  4. Browse and select one or more images from your computer to upload (see reminders at left)
  5. Add captions to each photo (who is in each, what was happening)
  6. Click Begin Upload to upload your images.

*You can also download the FREE App to your phone to upload images!

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