• My child is now in high school, there's no need for me to be involved at the school.
  • Johnny doesn't need me at school, or Jane doesn't "want" me at the school!
  • With a school this large, they shouldn't have any problems getting volunteers.
  • If I express an interest in volunteering, I'll get guilted into helping in a bunch of areas.
  • I don't have a ton of free time available, so I won't be able to be involved. 



  • Your involvment in "community" and "school" has a positive impact on your high schooler. 
  • You can be involved, and quietly but resoundingly show support of your child and the school they belong to.
  • Studies show that parent involvement is linked to achievement in high school, just as it plays a positive impact in elementary school.
  • After you complete the volunteer interest form, you will receive an email or phone call based on your area(s) of interest.  We will answer any questions you may have, tell you a little about the opportunities, and you decide! 
  • You decide how much time you want to commit.  We respect everyone's schedules! 


Consider the facts. 

You can still have a positive impact on both your child and the school. Let us know the area(s) in which you may be interested in volunteering.


If you have any questions, please contact Kim Loner.  Thank you!